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Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Association board members

Istvan Lepsényi chairman

Chairman greeting

Dear reader!

In April 2020, we created the Hydrogen Technology Platform with the common goal of giving a serious boost to the development of the Hungarian hydrogen economy, bringing the relevant actors to the same table to identify common development paths, and to create a platform for professional consensus on focus areas relevant to the Hungarian economy and science for its constructive definition, for the development of well-founded incentive and regulatory tools.
The establishment of the Platform was supported by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, the Office of the President of the Republic, representatives of the relevant domestic universities, research institutes, large companies and SMEs. We knew that with the rise of electric, hydrogen-cell vehicles and environmentally friendly technologies, we would simultaneously be a part of the fight against climate change and global warming, and we would also contribute to the development of our economy and increase the number of jobs.
Among the tasks undertaken and successfully implemented in the first phase, we prepared the so-called White Book, in which we contributed to the creation of the national hydrogen strategy adopted by the Hungarian Government in June 2021 with the surveys included.
The experiences of the Platform, the great interest and the successful completion of the work undertaken in the first phase offered a significant amount of additional tasks for the next period, for the effective implementation of which the Hydrogen Technology Association was established as a legal entity with effect from November 3, 2021.
The strategic goal of the Association, which now has nearly 90 members, is to provide the professional framework for industrial, economic and scientific cooperation necessary for the development of the Hungarian hydrogen economy, to create an organized cooperation between actors interested in the Hungarian market, and through all this to help the creation and strengthening of the domestic hydrogen sector.

Thank you;
István Lepsényi
President of the Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Association

Some information about the Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Association

The Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Association brings together domestic representatives, researchers, experts, international and domestic industrial companies, having as thier main goal to boost domestic hydrogen production, reduce its costs, develop storage and distribution solutions, and by these to encourage low-carbon energy production of hydrogen. 

The beginnings


The establishment of the Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Association was preceded by a year and a half of professional work. On April 27, 2020, Prof. dr. With the support of Minister László Palkovics, the National Hydrogen Technology Platform was established with the aim of establishing the professional framework for industrial, economic and scientific cooperation necessary for the construction of the Hungarian hydrogen economy.

Among other things, the task of the Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Platform was to prepare the so-called White Paper, in which it contributed to the creation of the national hydrogen strategy adopted by the Hungarian Government in 2021

The experience of the Platform so far, the great interest and the successful implementation of the tasks undertaken in the first phase, has given and will give a significant amount of additional tasks for the next period. Hydrogen Technology Assosiation was established on November 3, 2021.

The association currently has more than 90 members, including large companies that play a key role in the development of the industry, SMEs in technology development, leading universities in research, and companies seeking to apply the results.

 Five working groups have been set up within the organization to perform a significant part of the needed professional work: 

1,         Led by the working group of hydrogen and electricity: MVM Ltd.),

2,         Working Group on Hydrogen and Gas Networks: MOL Plc. And FGSZ Ltd.),

3,         The transport working group is led by: KTI Institute of Transport Sciences

4,         R & D & I and education working group led by: TTK Natural Sciences Research Center 

5,         Led by an industrial (“horizontal”) working group: AVL Hungary Ltd.)


The Professional Organization map, entails and encourages cooperation between Hungarian actors active in the field of hydrogen technologies. It builds links between Platform members, i.e., between corporate and scientific R & D & I institutions, and relevant decision-makers from the government, as well. Hence, it ensures a smooth flow of information between stakeholders. The networking also involved international participants, representing mainly the EU hydrogen technology “bloodstream”. Of particular interest is to network with the hydrogen technology players of the Central European (and V4) region. The Platform also provides professional, strategic proposals for Hungarian policy – primarily energy and transport policies, climate protection and industrial development – which, on one hand, help the emergence and expansion of hydrogen technologies in Hungary; on the other hand, they encourage the development of the listed fields, so that they can provide multi-layered and mutual benefits. 

  • to participate actively in the implementation of the National Hydrogen Strategy, and to coordinate the implementation of the Green Truck Program,
  • to liaise with members of the association to channel professional needs and to make suggestions for expanding the use of hydrogen technology,
  • to provide professional support for establishing the regulatory conditions and incentive system needed for the wide introduction of hydrogen and hydrogen technologies in Hungary,
  • to get involved proactively in the generation of industrial pilot projects,
  • to organize conferences and other professional events,
  • to establish international professional relations with hydrogen associations and companies of other countries to facilitate the international cooperation of Hungarian, regional, and EU institutions in hydrogen-related projects,
  • to furnish social information and awareness-raising on hydrogen and hydrogen technologies, presenting their environmental and climate protection and economic development benefits.

.Hungaryan Hydrogen Technology Alliance

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executive director

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head of coordination board

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head of communication

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