Bavarian – Hungarian hydrogen route

By hydrogen car from Budapest to Nuremberg and back.

On the initiative of the Consulate General in Munich, the Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Association participated in the Hydrogen Dialogue exhibition and conference in Nuremberg between September 21 and 22, 2022. The development of the Bavarian-Hungarian supplier program and the creation of a joint workshop were, among other things, the result of the discussion that the Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Association had with the Bavarian Hydrogen Association. Members of the Hungarian delegation arrived in Nuremberg with a hydrogen-powered car in order to gather experience and popularize hydrogen cars.

The Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Association is working to develop the hydrogen economy in Hungary as soon as possible, in order to be able to provide an alternative solution for energy independence, the diversification of energy supply, promote climate protection and energy supply security, therefore the Association’s leadership held a professional meeting with the heads of several large German companies and German research institutes with Prof. Dr. Peter Wasserscheid and co-director of the Bavarian Hydrogen Association. The cooperation between the two hydrogen associations will intensify in the coming period, as a preliminary agreement was reached at the meeting on the launch of a professional workshop, the development of the Hungarian-Bavarian supplier program and the next year’s conference – where Eastern Europe would be the focus.

According to the vision of the Bavarian association, it would be important to initiate a blue Danube hydrogen project, the essence of which is to connect production along the Danube, transport and seasonal storage in the countries along the river.

The Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Association, with the support of the MVM group member, Magyar Földgáztáróló Zrt, and the Bavarian Hydrogen Association, set off from Budapest to Nuremberg with a hydrogen-cell TOYOTA MIRAI. The aim of the initiative was to prove that hydrogen cars and even long-distance car tours are an everyday part of this technology, and to help the development of the technology with personal experience, and to gather valuable experience for the development of the domestic well network.