The nightmare that there won’t be enough energy, it will be expensive and it will come from dirty sources: it has now been realized on all three fronts

The energy market is in the spotlight, but there are still many open questions. What will happen to the grid development required for renewable energy, such as solar energy? When and how will the issue of energy storage or the great progress expected from green hydrogen be resolved? Among other things, these questions were analyzed by the experts of the third session of the Portfolio Sustainable World 2022 conference. During the truly eloquent panel discussion, the state secretary of TIM stated that today gas consumption has become a luxury, and the executive director of MHTSz spoke about the fact that the ETS should be suspended in order to avoid the question of “heat or eat”.

In addition to power plant production, the role of hydrogen will also increase. The future of seasonal energy storage is hydrogen, where large amounts can be stored that can really be of great use in crisis situations. The nightmare that there won’t be enough energy, it will be expensive and it will come from dirty sources: this has now been realized in all three respects.
To change this in all areas, hydrogen is the best solution. As far as transport is concerned, hydrogen may spread first in public transport, freight transport, then in rail freight and passenger transport, and finally, due to the high price, at the latest in passenger cars, but the same can have many advantages in agriculture. ETS should really be suspended to avoid the heat or eat question. highlighted dr. Attila Nyikos, managing director, director of the Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Association
According to Attila Steiner, State Secretary responsible for energy, Ministry of Technology and Industry, the main challenge is not which side of the triangle we are on, but how we can fulfill all three requirements and what the optimal balance will be. What are the structural changes that point in the direction of sustainability, what regulatory amendments, what subsidies are we introducing. Now all sectors of the energy market are moving, we should move in everything at the same time. Gas consumption has become a luxury, we must reduce consumption and move in the direction of renewables. – He told
The current negotiation in Brussels will be interesting, as there is little time for preparation, but from the government’s point of view, it is important not to accept a proposal that endangers the Hungarian gas supply, as we have a very high import exposure,” said Attila Steiner, State Secretary responsible for energy, adding , that due to the introduction of a possible price cap, the seller’s side may not be willing to deliver and this must be prevented. “We will examine all alternative solutions, but this cannot be at the expense of supply. In any case, it is encouraging that Germany also has a large exposure, and as Europe’s largest economy, gas supply is also extremely important for them. The high gas prices also pushed the electricity prices sky high, so there is also the question of how to intervene in the electricity prices, this will not be resolved in a day or two, I expect a protracted debate.” –
“Electrification is what we can use to reduce our exposure, if we have producers that produce clean energy locally. The goal is to ensure that the country’s import supply is as uninterrupted as possible, while charging as much as possible, and a window and door replacement program combined with heating modernization, which 100 percent non-refundable support can be provided to those with below-average incomes,” he added