Companies are already preparing for the Hydrogen Dialogue

Budapest – Nuremberg with hydrogen cell MIRAI

Europe’s largest companies dealing with hydrogen technology, political and scientific decision-makers, but also interactive networking opportunities and a digital event platform await those interested at the Hydrogen Dialogue exhibition and conference in Nuremberg between September 21 and 22, 2022. The Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Association, in addition to ensuring the participation of its members who applied for the exhibition, promotes hydrogen cars in a joint initiative with Magyar Földgáztáróló Zrt and the Bavarian Hydrogen Association.

The Hydrogen Dialogue not only aims to bring together business, political and scientific decision-makers along the entire value chain of hydrogen for the successful market launch of the hydrogen economy, but also provides space for the presentation of new technologies at the accompanying exhibition. The colorful professional event is also colored by an initiative launched by the Hungarian Hydrogen Association. The Association is promoting hydrogen cars in a joint initiative with Magyar Földgáztórő Zrt and the Bavarian Hydrogen Association. A TOYOTA MIRAI with a hydrogen cell is going from Budapest to Nuremberg and back to prove, on the one hand, that hydrogen cars are already present and, on the other hand, that it can help the development of the technology with personal experience.

Organized by the Bavarian Hydrogen Association, visitors to the outstanding event in Europe can expect comprehensive company and project presentations by well-known companies and research institutes, top-quality lectures on the latest developments in hydrogen technology, and current topics in the energy economy. The Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Association will present itself at the exhibition at stand number 2 -06.