Recent events, rising energy prices, are accelerating the transition to green and renewable energy. The basis of the sovereignty of every country is to produce as much energy as possible domestically and to obtain imports from as many sources as possible. And this will mobilize a lot of resources in the coming years, so there will be countless ideas, innovations and developments competing for the money. One of the most spectacular areas of this competition is mobility, as technical progress in this area, various vehicle technologies and their availability on the market appear very quickly from week to week.

There are no ready-made business models in the field of hydrogen mobility yet, so learning about common thinking, each other’s plans and existing good practices is extremely important for Hungary. As the study of the Green Truck Project prepared by the Association points out, hydrogen-based mobility cannot be solved as a country’s own “internal affair”: expensive charging infrastructure and the utilization of expensive vehicles should be maximized as early as possible, and this should only be it is possible to create well-functioning hydrogen corridors and then networks, at least in the neighboring EU Member States, but even more so throughout the EU. For this reason, it is advisable to get to know at least the development plans of the hydrogen filling infrastructure in the neighboring countries and to coordinate them as far as possible. This is required not only by the relevant EU regulations (eg the Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Directive) but also by common sense.

The Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Association with the Ministry of Technology and Industry will organize the V4 PLUS international conference and hydrogen demonstration “Hydrogen – present and future in mobility” on the ZalaZone test track and event center on June 8 and 9, 2022. professional day.

The aim of the event is for the participants to get acquainted with the current developments in the Hydrogen sector, the most significant V4 national projects and strategies in progress. The conference will focus on the processes taking place in the field of H2 mobility, the fastest growing areas of the hydrogen technology sectors. The exhibiting large companies and research workshops present their pioneering ideas and innovations that provide a competitive advantage.

It is extremely important that the training of professionals dedicated to technology is continuously strengthened, therefore on the first day of the event (June 8) the Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Association organizes professional lectures for universities and students participating in their training, Zala Zone test track and related exhibition crawl.

On the day of the conference (June 9), following the opening speech of the Minister of Technology and Industry, the Hydrogen Associations of the Visegrad countries will present the sector, followed by presentations on the European hydrogen-based mobility, hydrogen technology sector and possible growth. other cross-border cooperation programs.

Invitees can be active participants in the panel discussions, view our outdoor and indoor industrial exhibition and try out a wide variety of hydrogen-powered vehicles at the Zalazone test track.