Hydrogen – present and future in mobility

The Hungarian Hydrogen technology Association is joined by the Innovation and Technology Ministry on the 8th and 9th of June, 2022 in Zalaegerszeg, on the ZalaZone test track, while in the event center there will be a V4 conference and hydrogen technology demonstration  held, called “Hydrogen – present and future in mobility”.
The Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Association holds together the many national representatives, researchers, professionals, international and national companies, whose goal is to boost the national hydrogen production, lower it’s costs, develop better containment and distribution solutions, and with this, encourage the lower carbon-dioxide emitting hydrogen usage.
The goal of the event is for the participants to get to know the developments currently happening in the Hydrogen sector, the currently most significant V4 national projects and their strategies. The conference will deal with the H2-mobility area developments, the hydrogen technology sectors’ fastest growing areas. Large corporations and research workshops will present their pioneering ideas and innovations providing a competitive edge.